Ulvesund fyrstasjon

The West Norwegian Coastal Administration owns the lighthouse and it is the troubadour and college teacher Sølvi Helen Hopland Aemmer who manages the hiring out and running of Ulvesund lighthouse. The lighthouse was restored in the summer of 2003 and it opened to the public 8-10 August 2003.

The lighthouse is available for hire all year round; the lighthouse café is open every day during the summer season. Occasionally we arrange cultural evenings, art exhibitions, courses and visits from artists. We have also had visits from pedicurists/chiropodists, poets, film teams, musicians and others and aim to present a varied and unusual assortment of possibilities for our guests. Opening times and special events are announced in local newspapers and other media when possible.

Ulvesund lighthouse was built in 1870 and automated in 1985. It is located on Hjertenes at Osmundsvåg in Vågsøy municipality in Ytre Nordfjord, just south of Stadt and ten to fifteen minutes drive from Måløy, or 40 minutes drive from Kråkenes lighthouse. It is a beautiful and sheltered location. The three buildings belonging to the property are surrounded by a large and fertile garden, full of fruit and berries and with a view to Raudeberg, Silda, Stadt and the open sea.

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